MDLinx Neuro Brief

Using the eyes to diagnose cognitive risks, blue light therapy for cognitive repair, and… fecal transplant pills as a neuro treatment?

Neuroscience research never ceases to amaze us, and this week, there’s a ton of new studies to catch up on! Researchers from the University of Arizona have discovered that early morning blue light therapy may actually facilitate recovery in people with mild traumatic brain injuries. Across the pond in the UK, researchers the University of…

How Starbucks, statins, and sleep may affect the brain, and more

Happy New Year! It’s time to whip out ye olde list of resolutions. But, remember that working on your mind is just as important as working on your body, and might even be easier. Here’s a list of foods to protect from cognitive decline. So, what’s happened in the world of neurology while you were…

Neuro 2020: Sneak peek at clinical advancements; CBD benefits for seizure; and more

It’s the last stretch of holiday panic, and things are hectic. As the year—and decade—come to an end it’s important look back on all that’s happened over the past year, from revolutionary drugs receiving FDA approval, to groundbreaking research in neurology and other fields, there’s no doubt that it’s been a year of medical innovation….